Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build my site in any language?

Yes you may have your website in any language!

Can I get root access?

Unfortunately No, root access is not available on any of our hosting plans.

Can I host more than one domain?

Yes! Our Unlimited hosting plan is able to host as many sites from the same account for no additional fee! Please note the unlimited plan is not for resellers this is fo your own sites only.
For reseller prices please contact us

Can you design my site?

Yes we offer a full bespoke web site design service. See our Web Design page or contact us

Do you have a resource policy?

Yes, this can be viewed here.

Do you offer shared SSL?

Yes, every web hosting account has shared SSL (secure certificate) included free of charge, enabling you to conduct secure transactions on your web site. Dedicated SSL certificates (custom certificates for your domain name) are also available for a small annual fee.

Do you provide webmail?

Yes, webmail is provided with every hosting account, ensuring that wherever you are, you are able to check your emails providing you have a connection to the Internet.

What if I outgrow my hosting plan?

If you outgrow your current hosting plan we can upgrade you to an alternative plan. We will warn you if you approach the limits of your plan and suggest the right plan for you.

What servers do you run?

Your account will be created on a server which is part of a large grid of servers. The grid is designed to auto-heal - so if the physical server your site is on experiences a hardware failure, your site will automatically be moved to a standby server within 3-5 minutes. The servers across the grid are all at least Quad Core Intel Xeon servers with up to 16GB RAM.

When will my account be set up?

Within 24 hours, usually much quicker.
You should normally receive your login details within 2 hours after your payment has been processed!
If you have still not received them after 24hours please contact us.

Will my sites be backed up?

Accounts are backed up daily, weekly and monthly. Additionally, a "Backup Manager" is included in each hosting plan and you may use this to back up files to your local computer.
We would recommend that you perform local backups,
as the automated backups are strictly speaking for the purposes of full server restoration,
and as per our terms, we do not guarantee the availability of our backups.