@ Rayner.co we not only design and host websites,
       we also offer many other kinds of computer services.

Whether you're a Business or a Home User we can help,
and what's great is we come to you and don't charge the earth for doing so.

Our typical fees are £35 for the first hour and then £20 per hour thereafter.
We don't charge call-out fees within 5 miles of Sheringham, over 5 miles we charge £1 per mile

A typical installation/re-installation of Windows costs £30,
if Data recovery is required this is charged extra at the hourly rate.
A typical back up of photos, documents and emails will take less than an hour.
If you have lots of data then obviously this will take a little longer.

As a Microsoft Trained Engineer you can feel confident that you'll have someone with the correct knowledge looking at your computer.

We appreciate that your data is very important and sometimes sensitive;
we can back-up all your data securely and privately without any of it even being viewed.

Did you know?

Deleting a file does not erase it from your hard drive!
Formatting a hard drive does not erase the hard drive!
It's possible (and sometimes easy) for someone else to recover files if you don't dispose of them properly!

We can do a "secure erase" on your hard drive to ensure data can never be recovered if you sell or dispose of an old computer.